XIV International Furniture, Woodworking Machinery and Tool Exhibition

Conception of trade fair

Exhibition "Mebelexpo" will gather in one place thousands of buyers and sellers from one branch- it definitely raises the attraction of trade fair. It helps to compare offers, transaction conditions and helps to do business with contracting party in recorded short time and with almost no expenses.


Combined form of exhibition- business-to business and consumer trade fair will ensure our exhibitors contact with specialists and with individual clients. Final decision of individuals will show how popular was our event and products presented on it.

We will invite over 30000 of visitors to "Mebelexpo", who will represent following branches of furniture and woodworking machinery industry from Poland, Germany, Czechs, Ukraine, Slovakia:

  • Furniture Salon
  • Furniture Wholesalers
  • Accessories Producers
  • Craftsmen
  • Public objects(hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc)
  • Wood product producers
  • Carpenter´s shops
  • Furniture and furniture accessories importers and exporters
  • Designers and arrangers
  • Wood industry producers
  • Sawmills
  • Parquet floor producers
  • Industrial plants deals with wood
  • Producers of wooden packaging
  • Wholesalers of woodworking tools

Create your own trade fair!

Become a co-organizer of "Mebelexpo" – after all, we organize this exhibition for you!

Meet us and tell us your proposals. Let us prepare this event in ideal way. Thanks to you we will make this exhibition a total success for you and your company.

"MEBELEXPO" will enable to:

  • gain new clients
  • create base data of new customers
  • strengthen contacts with clients
  • launch new product and services
  • promote and demonstrate products
  • sale products
  • create company´s image
  • strengthen company´s picture
  • strengthen media interest
  • control competition´s production

Besides that, exhibition will help us to:

  • know clients needs
  • gain information concerning market´s trends
  • gain immediate opinions about presented products
  • find local representatives and distributors of specific product

Novelties on 14th edition of exhibition:

  • special invitations for your clients
  • business-to business day
  • secondhand machinery salon
  • meetings with crucial clients

If you want to know more about:

  • press packets
  • additional exhibition space for new products
  • seminars and trainings
  • "STAMP IN WOOD" display
  • cooperation and sponsoring events.


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More information in section for exhibitors

Fair organizers:
Miedzynarodowe Targi Katowickie Sp. z o.o.
ul. Bytkowska 1B, PL 40-955 Katowice
tel: +48 32 7899100, fax: +48 32 2540227